10 Essential Skills of Top Real Estate Brokers

Ready to buy or sell and looking for the best representation? Here’s what you should look for when selecting your broker.

The top real estate brokers:

  1. Are up-to-date with market conditions, inventory and comparable sales. Your broker should be totally familiar with the latest sales activity and market trends in general and also for your specific market segment. If you plan to buy or sell a 2-bedroom prewar coop on the UWS, a broker who deals mainly with downtown condos may not be the best fit for you.
  1. Think tactically and know how to take advantage of market conditions. Whether the market favors buyers, sellers or the status quo, you want a broker who knows how to make current market conditions work for you.
  1. Understand your needs and goals. Be sure to select a broker who understands what you expect to accomplish with your sale or purchase.
  1. Act in your best interest. The only agenda a broker should have is yours.
  1. Create a relationship of trust. Look for a broker who is a good communicator and adheres to the highest professional standards.
  1. Provide guidance and offer options. Work with a broker who you are certain has an appreciation of your particular circumstances and will take the time to help you through the decision-making process.
  1. Are respected by their peers. You need a broker that other brokers want to work with.
  1. Have a resource network of professionals. A broker who has solid working relationships with stagers, contractors, lenders, appraisers, and attorneys is in the best position to facilitate your transaction.
  1. Anticipate potential problems. Reduce the risk of losing a deal by engaging a broker who strategizes to avoid, or contain, problems that can ruin a deal.
  1. Skillfully negotiate to bring both buyer and seller together for mutual benefit. A savvy broker knows that the most satisfying deals are those in which both parties feel gainful.

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