Micro Lens on the Summer Market – 5th Edition

Micro Lens on the Summer Market – 5th Edition

There were a total of 40 contracts signed last week under $4M on both the Upper East & West Sides; only 2 were over $2M. August should be interesting as historically it is not very active month as many people are away and it is very hot. However, this month could prove to be different as final decisions will be made on schools re-opening and there is likely deals to be had prior to September when new listings will likely come on the market.

There were 18 contracts signed under $4M last week on the UWS which is an increase from the previous week of 12. The UES was pretty consistent relative to the previous week with 22 contracts signed (20 the previous week) and with only 2 between $2M and $4M. There were only 2 contracts signed last week OVER $4M on the UES and UWS; one at 60 RSB and one at 817 Fifth.

We are happy to give you more detailed information on this data. Please reach out to Deanna at DEK@corcoran.com

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