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  • Spring 2018 Newsletter

    Each new year, I provide an analysis of the Manhattan residential real estate market in my Spring Newsletter that was just released including an overview of the past 12 months in residential sales, as well as my thoughts on what to expect the first 6 months of 2018. The newsletter also includes:

    • Valuable Advice for Both Buyers & Sellers in the Current Market
    • Neighborhood Market Snapshots
    • Renovating for Resale: Kitchen Design Pro-Tips
    • Preparation Tips for a Successful Estate Sale
    • Landmark West interviews the UWS’s First Female Agent
    • What’s on the Market

    Download the Spring 2018 Newsletter

  • Park Avenue Newsletter Fall 2017
    Interested in the Park Avenue market? Check out our latest Park Avenue newsletter that analyzes the residential real estate market in this beautiful uptown neighborhood. Focusing on resale sales from 46th Street to 96th Street, this review covers activity in the first three quarters of this year and compares to the same time period in 2016 and 2015. Park Avenue Newsletter 2017
  • Fall 2017 Newsletter
    After the Presidential Election in November 2016, the Dow and other economic indicators improved markedly. Those watching their investments in the stock market as well as other stocks and bonds greatly benefitted from the strong economy, although a significant number maintained a cautious attitude, espousing their concern that these strong market trends would not last. It was presumed that the surge in the Dow was triggered by the promise of lower taxes and relief from regulations enacted by the Obama administration; eliminating or reducing regulations was seen as an important step to increase profitability in many business sectors. Click here to download PDF  
  • Central Park West Report
    Central Park West sales prices have been strong for apartments that directly face the Park and located on the mid to higher floors. In some cases, there are record sales prices. However, for Central Park West properties that have no Park views or a have a flaw (such as a very low floor, or blocked views), the market is weaker and is consistent with the general weakness in the overall market. Central Park West Report
  • Riverside Drive & West End Avenue Report
    In most cases, the condominium market more strongly exhibits the effects of declining sales volume and prices than sales in the co-op market. New development that has been hit the hardest on the Upper West Side has been in the Riverside Boulevard area. Prices have recently come down on the Boulevard and sales have begun to pick up. While this stretch does not impact the Riverside/West End market directly (which is largely made up of co-op buildings and not much in the way of new construction), it does have a psychological effect on a buyer’s perception of the market. Click here to download the RSD & WEA Report Summer 2017
  • Spring 2017 Newsletter
    Much has changed since the last newsletter! We have just inaugurated a new president and the negativity leading up to the election is over, at long last. During the last 12 months many changes occurred that were impossible to foresee. Even the election and its effect on the financial markets was not predicted by the media or the financial sector. Featured in the Spring issue: The Current Market Review, How Appraisals Work, Student Detectives, On the Market, Buyer's Guide and 2017 Sales Sampling. Click here to download the Spring 2017 Newsletter.
  • Fall 2016 Newsletter
    The Manhattan residential real estate market in the first quarter was negatively affected due to several different developments both domestically and internationally. This was evident at the beginning of year when we normally experience an upswing in the real estate market – which did not materialize. Many have asked about the reasons behind the market sluggishness and why it continues to be lackluster. The answer is complex, multifaceted, and has been percolating long before the first quarter of 2016. Featuring in the fall issue The Current Market Review, Buyer Checklist, the Value of Preservation, Townhouse Snapshot, On the Market and Sales Sampling. Click here for the Fall 2016 Newsletter
  • Spring 2016 Newsletter
    A GENERAL REVIEW OF 2015 All statistics and reports on sales in 2015 are based on actual closed deals. In this regard, it is important to explain the trends of the market we have experienced and how they have affected the number of new signed contracts over the past year. In times of economic uncertainty, there is often a disconnect between data from closed transactions and newly signed contracts/new business. For example, some of the highest closed sales reported at this time will be the ones where a buyer signed a contract for a new development apartment a year or two earlier. The closed sales data should be referred to as “Reported Market Data” versus new business, which is “Real Time Data.” Read more: Download the Newsletter Spring 2016  
  • Fall 2015 Newsletter
    The 2015 spring residential real estate market was, by most accounts, a strong market. Sales prices and volume in Manhattan were up across almost all sectors. Based on the closed deals, the average sales price per square foot and new inventory increased over the same time period as last year. Some of the key causes behind the growth of this year’s market includes a continuing strong local economy led by job gains, a flourishing tech sector, low mortgage rates, and the highest average Wall Street bonus per person since 2007. Download the Fall 2015 Newsletter
  • Park Avenue Newsletter
    You will find a thorough analysis of the Park Avenue real estate market in our newly released Park Avenue Newsletter! Also read Deanna’s expert opinion on how the influx of new development has affected sales and a complete neighborhood analysis, info on our exclusive book of photography "Living on Park Avenue" and our recent sales sampling with a select few of our exclusive apartment listings. Park Avenue Newsletter

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