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  • Summer 2012 Condo Newsletter
    In this issue we cover the Condo Market Today, Current Condo Data, Condo Investments vs. Dorms, Market Snapshot and more...
  • Spring 2012 RSD / WEA Report
    In this issue we feature a Riverside Drive and West End Avenue Market Review, Architectural History, De-Cluttering, What's on the Market and a Real Estate iPhone App.
  • Spring 2012 CPW Perspective
    In this issue we feature a Current Market Review, the History of Central Park West, Our Digital Advantage, Cabinet of Curiosities and a CPW Sales Sampling.
  • Winter 2011 Newsletter
    In this issue Deanna discusses 2012 forecasts, market trends and reflections on 2011. Other topics include Creating Value with Staging, Preparing to Sell Your Home and Living on Riverside Drive.
  • Luxury Newsletter 2011
    A review of Manhattan's Luxury Real Estate market with a sampling of Deanna's recent luxury sales.
  • Summer 2011 RSD WEA Report
    This report includes the latest RSD / WEA Market Review, a Refreshed Condo Market Update, Mortgage Update, Estate Sales Tips, Real Estate and Retirment and what's on the market.
  • Winter Spring 2011 Newsletter
    In this issue we review the Current Market Conditions, Creating Value, an UWS Walking Tour iPhone App, UWS Real Estate Resources and Featured Properties.
  • Summer 2010 Condo Report
    In this issue we cover the Condo Market Analysis, Current Condo Data, Rental News, Digital Marketing, What's on the Market and a Sales Sampling.
  • Winter / Spring 2010 Seasonal Newsletter
    In this issue, Deanna discusses entering 2010 with optimism and signs of an improved market...
  • Spring 2009 Newsletter
    In this issue, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions by buyers and sellers in this dynamic market. For instance "Why is now the time to buy?" and "How will I know when I find real value?". We also provide a sampling of our 2008 sales, a history of NYC neighborhood Turtle Bay, the benefits of a "Musical Home" and a question and answer article on "How to choose the right mortgage".

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