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  • Winter 2007 – 2008 Newsletter
    This issue features "Open Views: Managing your expectations and needs in this market", Market Update, Prewar Restorations, 2007 Sales Sampling, History of Carnegie Hill, Meet the Team and more...
  • Riverside Drive and West End Avenue Report January 2008
    Inside this issue:
    • RSD / WEA Market Update
    • To rent or to own?
    • When to restore?
    • The Fireman’s Memorial
    • WEA on the market
    • New Home: New Neighborhood - Sales sampling RSD / WEA
  • Fall 2007 Newsletter
    Mindful of New York’s economic strength and unique status at home and abroad, real estate professional generally concur that the city’s real estate market is uniquely positioned to avoid the real estate woes experienced elsewhere in the country and will remain firmly on track for the foreseeable future.
  • Townhouse Edge Summer 2007
    State of the Market. With Wall Street’s year-end bonuses setting new records, Spring 2007 was anticipated to be an exciting season for Manhattan real estate. Certainly, since January the level of activity has been very high. In fact, this year’s first quarter saw the number of deals in Manhattan increase 9% as compared to same quarter last year. Potential buyers found a wide variety of property choices available among small- to average-size apartments, but those looking for large luxury properties found their searches complicated by limited inventory.
  • Condo report April 2006
    While the non-stop media talk of a real estate bubble on the verge of collapse may have abated in the last few months, there is no longer any doubt that the market is in the midst of a correction. Condo prices are still moving upward but not at the breakneck pace of a year or so ago. The average price per square foot for condos jumped 13% on the Upper East Side and 10% on the Upper...
  • January 2007 Newsletter
    Time and again, New York City has demonstrated its resiliency and independence as the leading U.S. city that defies national trends. Whereas residential real estate nationally has suffered a considerable slow down, New York City has escaped the worst of the real estate excesses.
  • RSD – WEA Review Spring 2006
    The strong appeal that Riverside Drive and West End Ave have for buyers is reflected in the current scarcity of inventory. Studio and one-bedroom apartments, the market segments with the largest inventory of existing units throughout the city, have a mere 13 coops and 7 condos available to buy in the one-bedroom category, and for studios, just 4 coops and 4 condos for sale. Asking prices average $360K for studio coops and $531K for studio condos, while one-bedroom coops average $573K and $854K for condos. The current low inventory in these categories also reflects the flood of renters coming back into the market to escape tight supply and sharply rising rents.
  • Riverside Drive Report Spring 2006
    Well, this has certainly been an exciting time for high-end residential properties on Riverside Drive! The past few quarters have witnessed some of the highest prices ever for apartments on Riverside Drive, but this last quarter has surpassed all previous records.
  • Townhouse Edge Feburary 2006

    The story of townhouses remains an exciting topic, not only for owners contemplating whether to sell and would-be buyers, but for real estate brokers who are trying to discern trends and establish a solid base on which to guide their clients.

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