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  • Summer 2011 RSD WEA Report
    This report includes the latest RSD / WEA Market Review, a Refreshed Condo Market Update, Mortgage Update, Estate Sales Tips, Real Estate and Retirment and what's on the market.
  • Winter Spring 2011 Newsletter
    In this issue we review the Current Market Conditions, Creating Value, an UWS Walking Tour iPhone App, UWS Real Estate Resources and Featured Properties.
  • Summer 2010 Condo Report
    In this issue we cover the Condo Market Analysis, Current Condo Data, Rental News, Digital Marketing, What's on the Market and a Sales Sampling.
  • Winter / Spring 2010 Seasonal Newsletter
    In this issue, Deanna discusses entering 2010 with optimism and signs of an improved market...
  • Spring 2009 Newsletter
    In this issue, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions by buyers and sellers in this dynamic market. For instance "Why is now the time to buy?" and "How will I know when I find real value?". We also provide a sampling of our 2008 sales, a history of NYC neighborhood Turtle Bay, the benefits of a "Musical Home" and a question and answer article on "How to choose the right mortgage".
  • Riverside Drive & West End Avenue Report Fall 2008
    There is no doubt that Manhattan’s real estate market is in the midst of one ofthe most uncertain periods in recent memory. The recent major upheaval in the financial sector has only fueled the uncertainty and now many would-be buyers and sellers are left wondering how this whole financial real estate complexity will unfold.
  • Townhouse Edge Summer 2008
    This issue features: The Townhouse Market Today, Brownstone Preservation, New to Market in Brooklyn Heights, Showcasing Homes in Style, and more...
  • Winter 2007 – 2008 Newsletter
    This issue features "Open Views: Managing your expectations and needs in this market", Market Update, Prewar Restorations, 2007 Sales Sampling, History of Carnegie Hill, Meet the Team and more...
  • Riverside Drive and West End Avenue Report January 2008
    Inside this issue:
    • RSD / WEA Market Update
    • To rent or to own?
    • When to restore?
    • The Fireman’s Memorial
    • WEA on the market
    • New Home: New Neighborhood - Sales sampling RSD / WEA
  • Fall 2007 Newsletter
    Mindful of New York’s economic strength and unique status at home and abroad, real estate professional generally concur that the city’s real estate market is uniquely positioned to avoid the real estate woes experienced elsewhere in the country and will remain firmly on track for the foreseeable future.

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