The Art of Staging

"Deanna Kory, our highly esteemed real estate broker, recommended staging our apartment…I hated the idea. Yet Deanna advised that staging could increase the selling price from 5 to 125 times the cost! So we immediately got to work…Eventually the perfect buyers arrived, and as they vividly described how their family would live in our space, I knew it had worked. I will forever recommend real estate staging to anyone who wants to sell their apartment. "
We use the word ‘staging’ to describe the process of creating a visually appealing space in order to increase the market value of a property. Although staging may sound easy, there are very few people who have the specialized skills to stage a property successfully, as it requires an understanding of how to present an apartment that will appeal to the widest group of buyers. As real estate professionals who constantly strive to provide sellers with the best possible service, our team offers an array of services relating to staging.

The Staging Process

Deanna walks through a prewar classic 6 on the Upper West Side with the very talented Sid Pinkerton (From Drab to Fab Staging). First they assess what needs to be done including painting, de-cluttering, what accessories to purchase or rent and how to rearrange the furniture. The idea is to present the apartment in a way that will appeal to the widest group of buyers. Watch as the Deanna Kory team implements varoius changes and you will see how an apartment can be transformed on a minimal budget.

Before and After
Staging before and after

Vacant homes can be a challenge for buyers. Rooms tend to appear smaller without furniture to give it perspective. Without curtains, rugs, tables, chairs, buyers typically have a very difficult time appreciating a property’s potential. Rather than expecting buyers to fill in the blanks of an empty home, even minimal staging can help create a positive image for the property that is both warm and inviting to prospective purchasers. Furnishing an empty home can be the difference in sitting on the market or achieving offers right away. In addition, the property has a much better chance of achieving the higher end of its potential in terms of price.


The Art of Staging Brochure

Deanna’s exclusive staging guide includes a wealth of information about staging a property when preparing to put an apartment on the market:

  • Six Distinctive Types of Staging
  • Townhouse Staging
  • Determining Cost
  • Staging and Renovating for Resale
  • Services Provided by the Deanna Kory Team

Download our Art of Staging Brochure

 The Art of Staging Brochure