Press Mentions

Deanna Kory is often asked by the media to give her expert opinion on an array of issues relating to the real estate market and related topics. Along with our promotional events, this frequent contact with the media also presents us with additional opportunities to promote our exclusive properties. Featured below are recent articles in major media outlets where Deanna or another member of our team has been quoted or interviewed on her varied expertise.

Center Stage: Home Makeovers that Appeal to a Wide Variety of Buyers Pay Off
Observer.com – 9.2.2015
Roosevelt Island’s New Deal
TheRealDeal.com – 9.1.2015
Why Roosevelt Island is Making Major Real Estate Waves
NewYorkPost.com – 7.23.2015
Newly Listed $3.6M Residence at The Dakota Appears Untouched by Time
6sqft.com – 7.1.2015
On The Market: Upper West Side Duplex
New York Times – 6.28.2015
Dream Homes: Upper West Side
NewYorkPost.com – 6.1.2015
Amenities: The Blue Yonder
Du Jour – 6.2.2015
Roosevelt Island’s Newest Co-ops Ask From Just $392,900
Curbed.com – 5.29.2015
Should We All Move To Roosevelt Island?
Gothamist.com – 5.29.2015
Dream Homes: Upper West Side
NewYorkPost.com – 5.28.2015
Roosevelt Island Million Dollar 3 Bedroom Duplex Coop For Sale At Former Mitchell Lama Island House Rental Building
Roosevelt Islander – 5.28.2015
New Listings: Upper West Side
Brokers Weekly – 5.20.2015
Small Renovations, Big Payoff
The New York Times – 4.26.2015
Transfers: 300 Central Park West
The New York Observer – 4.15.2015
Top Residential Agents of the Week
TheRealDeal.com – 4.10.2015
Ex-Aetna CEO Nabs El Dorado Co-op for $10.3M
The New York Observer – 4.3.2015
Just Sold: Upper West Side, $2,320,000
NewYorkPost.com – 3.26.2015
When the 13-Year-Old Picks a $14 Million Condo
New York Times – 3.22.2015
Done Deals: Upper West Side
Brokers Weekly – 3.18.2015
Neighborhood Dive: Tribeca Triumphant
TheRealDeal.com – 2.25.2015
Can We Sue the Sellers Over the Broken Stuff in Our New Apartment?
BrickUnderground.com – 1.26.2015
I’m selling my co-op and planning to rent. When should I start looking?
BrickUnderground.com – 12.29.2014
Landmark West End Avenue Townhouse Wants $11M
6sqft.com – 12.5.2014
Historic West End Avenue Townhouse Asks $10.9 Million
Curbed.com – 12.4.2014
How to Write a Buyer’s “Love Letter” (Plus 3 Real-Life Examples That Won Bidding Wars)
The BrickUnderground.com – 11.11.2014
LXTV’s Open House NYC – 595 West End Avenue
Open House NYC – 11.9.2014
Open House NYC: 463 Greenwich Street
Open House NYC – 11.2.2014
Ask an Expert: Do co-op boards interview kids?
AMNewYork – 9.15.2014
Cobblestone Quaintness and Modern Comforts Await Tribeca Penthouse’s Lucky New Owner
6sgft.com – 9.9.2014
New York’s Once and Future Mansions
The New York Times – 9.7.2014
Manhattan’s top listing agents
The Real Deal – 7.22.2014
Meet the Deal Killers: 8 Obstacles to a Sale, and How to Overcome Them
Brokers Weekly – 6.24.2014
Ask an Expert: Should I sign a broker exclusive agreement?
AMNY – 6.3.2014
Ask an Expert: Mortgage for a not-yet-built condo?
AMNY – 5.27.2014
New York Real Estate: How Rupert Murdoch Created a $57 Million Mansion in the Sky
The Hollywood Reporter – 4.21.2014
Column: How do I make a great co-op board package?
AMNY – 4.7.2014
The Secrets of Top Brokers and Industry Leaders
Brokers Weekly – 3.26.2014
Listings drought hitting residential agents hard
Brokers Weekly – 11.7.2013
Luxe Listing: 226 West 71st Street Townhouse
New York Post – 10.9.2013
VIDEO: Living Large: A Townhome With 4 Terraces On The UWS
CBS New York – 8.27.2013
A Pool of One’s Own: Eight of the City’s Most Decadent Private Pools
New York Magazine – 7.21.2013
Manhattan’s top listing agents
The Real Deal – 6.1.2013
The Great Outdoors: The sought-after amenity well-heeled New Yorkers will shell out big bucks for
New York Post – 5.14.2013
Ask an Expert: How much more do new condos cost?
NY Daily News – 1.22.2013
Working It Out: Why Older Buildings Should Consider Installing Gyms
HabitatMag.com – 1.10.2013
Ask an Expert: Do we have to tell buyers that we had bed bugs?
BrickUnderground.com – 10.24.2012
Wanna get in on a pre-construction deal? Read this first
BrickUnderground.com – 10.23.2012
A very fun first-hand account of our seller’s recent experience with staging and selling.
TheatricalIntelligence.com – 10.16.2012
Ask an expert: What’s the risk of buying a condo that’s converting?
DailyNews.com – 8.14.2012
Manhattan’s Top 75 listing agents
TheRealDeal.com – 7.1.2012
The Wall Street Journal Top 250 Real Estate Teams Nationwide by Sales Volume
RealTrends.com – 6.15.2012
Ask an Expert: Botox for co-ops worried about younger, sexier condos
BrickUnderground.com – 3.1.2012
Top negotiating mistakes EVERYONE makes (that means buyers, sellers and their respective brokers)
BrickUnderground.com – 1.19.2012
Top negotiating mistakes of sellers and their brokers
BrickUnderground.com – 1.18.2012
Top negotiating mistakes of buyers, and their brokers
BrickUnderground.com – 1.17.2012
Deanna comments on the NYTimes.com’s The Case for Hiring a Lawyer
NYTimes.com – 9.29.2011
Deanna answers the NYTimes.com’s question about the value of staging your apartment
NYTimes.com – 9.28.2011
Deanna comments on The Brick Underground’s Ask an Expert: How to get top dollar on your sublet
BrickUnderground.com – 9.14.2011
Deanna comments on NYTimes.com’s Combine and Conquer: Your Place and Mine
NYTimes.com – 9.11.2011
Deanna comments on NYtimes.com’s In New York, the Suddenly Buff Prewar Building
NYTimes.com – 7.15.2011
Deanna comments on The BrickUnderground’s Ask an Expert: The best kitchen countertop material
BrickUnderground.com – 4.12.2011
Deanna comments on CBS MoneyWatch’s Real Estate Commissions: Why I Paid My Broker 6%
MoneyWatch.bnet.com – 4.12.2011
Deanna comments on The BrickUnderground’s Ask an Expert: How do I check a developer’s track record?
BrickUnderground.com – 3.22.2011
Deanna comments on The BrickUnderground’s Ask an Expert: How to persuade your co-op board to adopt a flip tax
BrickUnderground.com – 3.8.2011
Deanna comments on The Real Deal’s article House Proud
TheRealDeal.com – 3.1.2011
Deanna comments on The BrickUnderground’s Ask an Expert: What are my options when the appraisal is too low?
BrickUnderground.com – 3.1.2011
Deanna quoted in NYTimes.com’s To Sell an Apartment, No Detail Is Too Small
NYTimes.com – 2.21.2011
Deanna comments on The BrickUnderground’s Ask an Expert: Can I use a trust to buy an apartment?
BrickUnderground.com – 1.25.2011
Our listing at 2109 Broadway appears in NYTimes’ Residential Sales Around the Region
NYTimes.com – 12.22.2010
Deanna quoted in New York Family’s A Buyer’s Market?
NewYorkFamily.com – 11.22.2010
Our listing at 101 CPW featured in NYTimes’ Georgina Bloomberg Buys Co-op on Central Park West
NYTimes.com- 11.18.2010
Deanna comments on The Real Deal’s Sellers renting back homes while waiting for new one
TheRealDeal.com – 9.9.2010
Deanna comments on New York Magazine’s They Practically Sell Themselves
NYMag.com – 9.5.2010
Deanna comments on the NYC Ultimate Open House Guide for Sellers
BrickUndergound.com – 8.30.2010
Our listing at 129 West 95th featured in NY Post’s Dream Homes section
NYPost.com – 8.30.2010
The Deanna Kory Team ranks 4th in NYC and 24th nationwide in sales volume
WSJOnline.com – 8.10.2010
Deanna discusses shareholders being turned down as buyers in their own buildings
BrickUnderground.com – 8.10.2010
The Real Deal discusses “The Cost of a View” with Deanna Kory
TheRealDeal.com – 6.1.2010
Q&A with Deanna Kory: What makes a great broker?
Brokers Weekly – 3.1.2010
Deanna Kory joins a REBNY panel to discuss Technology and Social Media tools
Green Pearl – 2.25.2010
Deanna Kory talks about how the “Celebrity Factor” effects sales prices
The Real Deal – 2.19.2010
Deanna Kory talks about her vegetable garden in the article “The Green Dream”
Brokers Weekly – 4.15.2009
Deanna Kory quoted in The Real Deal article “Chopping Millions Off Prices”
The Real Deal – 3.9.2009
Deanna Kory featured in NY Times Real Estate article “Adjectives Get Evicted”
New York Times – 3.1.2009
The Deanna Kory Team named one of the Top 200 Real Estate Professionals
LORE Magazine – 11.10.2008
Dream Homes
New York Post – 10.2.2008
I Smell Trouble
New York Magazine – 8.18.2008
All Their World’s a Staging
The New York Times – 7.31.2008
Cover Story: The Deanna Kory Team in Broker’s Weekly
Broker’s Weekly – 6.18.2008
Deanna Kory honored as one of the Top Women in NY Real Estate 2008
Tri-State Real Estate Magazine – 6.12.2008
Brokers Lament High Inventory
Real Deal – 6.5.2008
Dream Homes
New York Press – 5.22.2008
On the Market
New York Family – 3.1.2008
Countering Above-Average Fees
New York Times – 2.25.2007
The Road to More Room
New York Family – 11.15.2007
Cracks May Appear in Manhattan Apartment Market
Washington Post – 8.12.2007
Hated New York Co-op Boards Teach Lenders A Lesson
Reuters – 8.12.2007
Renderings for Apartments That Already Exist
The Real Deal – 8.1.2007
A Home to Sing About
The New York Times – 8.12.2007
On the Market
The New York Times – 5.6.2007
This Ain’t No Bubble – Manhattan Luxury is Back with a Vengeance
The New York Post – 4.26.2007
Closing the Door on Open Houses
The New York Times – 3.4.2007