Your Home Team Part 1: How to Select a Real Estate Agent

Your Home Team Part 1: How to Select a Real Estate Agent

This series features advice on how to build the best team of professionals who will help you with the buying or selling of your Manhattan home. Assemble your Home Team by also reading Part 2: Real Estate AttorneyPart 3: Mortgage Specialist and Part 4: Professional Renovator.

Manhattan sellers have the option of choosing a broker from thousands of licensed real estate agents to help represent their home; this task can seem daunting. After all, parting with your home is an incredibly personal experience, so it’s imperative that a seller knows how to find a real estate agent that’s right for them.

The first step in approaching your real estate agent search is to narrow down your choices to agents who are familiar with your building or neighborhood. Experienced brokers who have great track records of closing deals within your price range in your vicinity are going to be more knowledgeable of the area and as such, you’ll have more confidence in their performance.

The next step is to interview at least 3 candidates in person, because the rapport you have with your real estate agent can be as important as their successful track record – if not more so!

When meeting with those real estate agents who you have vetted, you will want to know the following:

• Is this the person you’ll like working with? You’ll want to feel that you get along with that person, that the person who will represent your apartment that reflects how you’d want it to be seen. The gut, visceral reaction will often prove to be an important element, but you’ll also need to know…

• Is this agent reliable and communicative? Not all sellers like being immersed with the real estate procedures, but I think most sellers want to be involved and prefer hiring agents who will keep them updated on the process. After your initial meeting, take note of how the agent follows up with you. Do you feel like a priority?

• Do they have an effective marketing strategy? Ask your agent what their approach is for marketing and how their plan had played a part in selling. Are they able to reach the right audience? Is the marketing plan budget financially sound?

• Can you trust this agent with negotiations? Many agents will pride themselves on the number of closings they’ve done or their marketing approach, but it’s critical for a seller to know that their agent is experienced and savvy with negotiating. At the end of the day, it’s not always the mailed-out listing announcements or elaborate open houses that will get you the extra dollars when you sell, but it is the ability of your agent to negotiate effectively to attain the highest possible price.

These are important initial considerations for sellers when searching for a real estate agent. A seller may have other concerns or preferences when hiring, but knowing the track record of your real estate, what they have to offer in terms of marketing and experiencing your initial rapport with them are the first steps in finding the right agent to sell your home.
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